Premiere Photo Sticker Editing App

Pirate Pix is Fun and Easy to Use ! Here's How:

Here is how to effectively use a photo editing Sticker App to customize your photos and get the attention your looking for with more LIKES, SHARES, HEARTS and COMMENTS. – It’s easy just add stickers with the Pirate Pix App.

Here’s How:

“Sticker-izing” a photo can be completely random and chaotic fun or it can be creatively designed with layers and artistic intention. Whatever your goal, you can create a social media masterpiece.

Picking Your Photo:

Start by taking a photo or using a photo from your own photo library. Remember that a good photo has substance. When choosing your photo look at the background, foreground and object of focus and be thinking about what you want to say with your photo & sticker collage.

Sticker Layering:

Start with the background and build layers. Look at the background of your photo. Is there anything you would like to cover up with a strategically placed sticker? You may wish to cover a road sign with a palm tree or hide a plane with a parrot. The options are limitless. Then turn your focus to the main object. This will probably be you and your best mates. Add realistic stickers to the subject of the photo. Next, turn your attention to the foreground. You can add more stickers to give depth to your photo sticker collage and truly customize it. Lastly, add any text or slogans for the final layer and finishing touch.

Hint: For multiple layers, save your photo to your camera roll and then reopen in Pirate Pix and continue adding sticker layers.

Now make sure the world sees your amazing “stickerized” masterpiece by sharing it far and wide on all the multiple social media platforms, such as: Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Google, etc. and most importantly make sure you hashtag your photo appropriately, i.e. #PiratePix. You can find more trending hashtags at http://top-hashtags.com/instagram/.

Most importantly remember to have fun and be creative. Anyone can “stickerize” a photo – theming your photo with fun realistic stickers makes it a standout networking masterpiece.